Samsun City Guide | Turkey

General Information

Samsun, societal metropolis of the Black Sea Region, has had a significant number of non-muslim people until the beginning of the 20th century. During the population exchange with Greece, the Christian population were sent to there and the immigrants coming from Greece and some Balkan countries were settled to the city. After the Balkan Wars, the Albenian immigrants came from Kosovo were settled around Bafra. Besides that, after the Ottoman-Russian war known as the ‘93 War, a Circassian population from the North Caucasus were also settled in the city. Today, the population is composed of the Balkan and Caucasus immigrants and Eastern Black Sea population who were settled at the Republican Period and the internal immigrants from Samsun’s districts.

Although, in the history around Samsun region, Hittites, Kimmers of Caucasus origin, Ionians, Persians, Macedonians, Pontus, Roma, and Byzantines were in power, after 1071 Malazgirt War the region have been dramatically Turkicized with Turkish conquests. In the region Turkish-Islamic Culture is dominant and the other cultures were forgotten.